A kind word

Sometimes I do wrong things, I am not perfect like you.

I push doors despite the clear sign that states PULL.

I open the fridge and I forget what I need.

I put the butter in the pantry and the nutella in the fridge.

Today I put the milk in the pantry

I hide my pain from my loved ones.

I render a façade and pretend that it’s all good.

I cry a lot more than I should.

These days I cry myself to sleep.

I open the microwave door while its still on and before it beeps.

I care about people who don’t are about me.

I listen to you even when you don’t listen to me.

When I don’t know I ask, when it seems and feels wrong, I argue.

If I don’t like it, then I say it.

When it’s important to me, I always find a way to do it, you say its important to you, but you always find an excuse.

I always am true to myself and I speak my truth, even if it meant that I was the only one doing it.

No matter how busy I am, I always cared therefore I always find the time for you.

 I try to keep my circle positive. I know I am not perfect and I don’t claim to be.

A kind word now and then would be nice. A hug is always nice.


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