Who I am and what I can do for you !

Vanita Kumar
This is me, Project Officer Waste Collection Services (Contracts & Procurement Professional) by day & Web Designer by night. I never sleep… almost ;-)

I am here to provide you with any assistance and offer you all the support, when you are overwhelmed with the jargon and technology when it comes to having a web presence.  I  work with new (startup) businesses, trades-people, and small businesses who in my view shouldn't have to spend $5K  for a website.  I am here to establish an effective online presence for your business.


As a former retail outlet owner, I understand that your priority is taking care of your day to day work, legal, contractual and regulatory obligations that takes your time. The idea of a website and an online solution is put on the back burner. That's where I come in. While you operate and manage your business, I will take care of everything from the domain name registration, to the website copy writing, social media marketing and setting up your business in the online world.  


I will provide the best online solution for your business.  I am very passionate about creating a responsive, simple and effective design that is easy to navigate using all devices with relevant and up to date content that sends a strong and clear message about your business to your clients/visitors and at the same time reaching communities on various social media platforms.


Feel free to send me any questions in relation to your existing website, social media integration/marketing, or search engine optimisation (SEO).  I am happy to assess and revamp your existing website. I am proficient with Wordpress and happy to code/customise themes, Wordpress security,  install and configure relevant and critical plugins. Happy to answer any questions regarding domain name management.


You will notice constant changes to this website because I am utilising this space for testing and development purposes before deployment and go-live of client websites - a Sandpit.   I am also using this platform as a knowledge-base, for personal blogs, sharing articles/hints and tips/hacks on various topics.  At times I will share certain topics which could be as a result of a visitor question that came to me.  So feel free to send your questions to me via the contact us page.  Sometimes, I may post a random, irrelevant and useless blog - Feel free to post comments, should you feel like - your opinion may matter !


    An excellent and impressive design incorporates a unique user interface (UI) and an impressive user experience UX) with kick ass content (10x).  Of course, there’s more to a website than looks such as coding standards and cross-platform compatibility – but those are things that site visitors don’t see and I will take care of that for you. 


    Websites need regular checkups to ensure that everything is in working order and functioning in a safe and efficient manner. Having an attractive, user-friendly, responsive website creates a great foundation for your online presence, but regular upkeep and maintenance is where you will see your site, and your visibility, grow and flourish.  


    Integrating your small business website with with various social networking sites gives you the ability to connect with your consumers directly. When that message is scattered across several different networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, it has the potential to reach consumers who otherwise would have never heard of your business.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that web content and websites are promoted on internet-based platforms such as search engines  I will ensure that your site is promoted in the most efficient way technology can provide today, and reach a much wider cross-section of target audiences.


What some of my clients say about my work (and me).