Religion Often Divides

Posted on 15 August 2010

I have come to a certain stage in my life, when I strongly feel that Religion divides, rather than unite.  I don’t religiously follow my religion.  Oh and I am definately not an atheist, I would never be one because I believe in a superior power above us. I know there is a God.  I believe and have faith in a God, who makes things better for us, who is the creator of the universe, and the ultimate authority. 


At this stage in my life, actions and decision made are so that my conscious is clean, where my sub-conscious mind tells me that it feels right or it’s correct to do so.  While I take on board the good and the things I like from every religion, I do follow and practice the teachings of The Dalai Lama, because all I care about is having a genuine sense of kindness and compassion and care about another human being.  I don’t go deep into a religion for the only reason because in today’s world, Religion divides.  Don’t take me wrong, I am not talking about division between any two religions – that’s actually more tolerable now, than ever before, but, within one religion, it’s more a power struggle, less preaching of human values, more a show of authority and supremacy.  There are division in temples, where we still witness the wealthy given more time and more blessings by the Priests as compared to the ordinary student coming in with a $5 offering.  There is a power struggle among the various committee members.  There are Divisions in Churches, where the ultimate power bearer is the Pastor or the Church Leader/Elder, whose words are Gospel and must be respected.  Why can’t the members of the Church speak their minds and do things which make them happy, without a fear that they may be expelled from the Church.  Just going a few months back when “Australia’s Got Talent”  finalist and extremely talented 17 year old Taylor Henderson was told by the Pastor Noel Hollins of Geelong Revival Centre, to choose between the church and his place on the Reality Show.  Its merely a show of authority where the Bible teachings are ignored.

Every scripture and Religion preaches love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion, of course in their own words.  Infact the recognition of such emotions does not belong to any Religion; these are the basic necessities of a human life.  If Love, morals and values were based on adhering to this or that Religion, then I question, What Religion?  Really the teachings of values is a common sense solution, and if every Religion start preaching just this… then perhaps there wouldn’t be a question if Religion Divides; and the world would be a better place.. unfortunately this not being the case and the world is what it is… chaos.. war… starvation… oppression… to name a few 🙁

Written – 15 Aug 2010


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