A Profound Quote


The original quote by Malcolm X said, “A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything.”

Very simple words, yet they transmit a colossal message and makes you wonder – why can’t people stand for what they believe in, why can’t they fight for their strong beliefs?


My father told me that, I should always stand for a good cause, stand up to my words that I say to people. He said that a person must have a clear conviction that they could stand for and therefore believe in something strongly enough to fight for.


There are many people who will stand up for their beliefs; they have their set of values, their belief systems that they felt very strongly about, they would stand up for their beliefs in the face of adversity and would do anything to keep their words and their promises. Growing up we all ascertain ideologies and ethics that we makes us the person we are. Our words of wisdom, what that we say to people create an imprint on others which in turn affects their life. Others look upon you, you set an example with your actions and people have no hesitation in see you as someone who is worth all our time and effort. However, when a person fails to live up to his words and his beliefs and have no certain convictions that he can stand on, it just seems that they don’t have a brain to think for themselves and can be swayed by anything that comes their way.


They change what they believe in with anything that is thrown at them, instead of standing up for what they once believed in. They will continue to fall for anything even if it is something that they once said are sacred and not to be touched. And their excuse is?…….. it’s my life, it’s my choices.


Your words, values and beliefs makes us the person who we are. Some may see you as God sent, the essence of every relationship is trust and faith.


Life is never easy, we all suffer, and we feel alone. Suffering and pain is imminent in life, we go through physical, emotional and verbal abuse, some are physically hurt, bruised and bleeding, yet they don’t allow any situation or conditions to smear their values. And to these I add the adage that “We are the choices we make”. And Tony Robbins advises that post-Traumatic Stress triggers post-Traumatic Growth (ie PTS triggers PTG.) That we can indeed learn, grow and blossom from our mistakes – irrespective of our station in society.


A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything – so true isn’t it? I am trying to stand for what I believe in, and its not easy. We will always have choices, to stand up for something that we believe in or remain fallen, and continue to be a doormat. It’s our life, our choices, our regrets and it will be a shame if we choose to remain fallen.



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