The System

If only my you could hear my inner voice, it was surely screaming on top of its lungs that is, if the inner voice has another set of lungs inside its own body structure; and that if, the inner voice has another body – that’s a wee bit inception-ish isn’t it.

Well I received a speeding fine, therefore the reason my inner voice was screaming. Unfortunately, in recent times, my  inner voice speaks louder than my real voice, on the other hand my real voice isn’t loud and doesn’t speak much – it types like what I am doing now.  All my emotions, be it, joyful or tearful, are documented – for training and coaching purposes. Not really, those are the words that I have been hearing lately on the phone every time I have called Telstra.

Back to the speeding ticket, I cannot explain why I got the ticket, I insist and I am adamant that I wasn’t speeding, I DO NOT speed (in capital letters). I am a good driver, and modest about it. The faulty camera clocked the wrong speed. That darned immoral, dishonest, devious and sinful camera, I shall never forgive you and neither will the people who you have so compulsively snapped shots of will ever forgive you in a million years. How I wish the lightning or the thunder from the skies strike you just as you are about to so shamefully flash at another victim. How I wish that the pole you are so attached to, the same pole that you love so dearly one day “screws” you, pardon my French but I am a bit sensitive about this today.

Oh one day I, together will all the deprived and unfortunate people who you have “screwed”, once again pardon my French, will see that we are given justice.

I don’t have the power, to fight this unjust and prejudiced bureaucracy. Oh but it hurts, my heart bleeds that I am so vulnerable, that I can’t stand to fight for what I believe in, to do the right thing and be the voice of all you people out there who have been the victim of this brutality and sadistic practice. I am, but an ordinary law-abiding citizen. My conscience is clear and clean that I have spoken for you and you and you sitting out there, remember, this is not the end of the world – yes we are the victims but there are people out there who are in far worse circumstances than you and me. A story comes to mind, (get a slushy and popcorn), it’s about a person who has lost his arms, his legs, his face has been disfigured and after all that, he lost his wife, yet he is living, wearing the suit of his life, a face mask, and now he has the force with him, my heart goes out to him.  He is no other than your father, Anakin Skywalker, however he was rechristened Darth Vader, by the Emperor, and he became the Dark Lord of the Sith.  In spite of the atrocities, Darth Vader now has the force with him.   And here we are, in a situation entirely different, but it feels so similar, Darth Vader was pushed in a hot lava, mighty, ferocious and violent and we are flashed every minute every day, by the cruel and vicious lights of the camera that blinds our vision when we see that official letter, with so-called evidence of our own car, delivered by the messenger of the Transport system, the Australia Post, there are all connected, they are all scheming against us. When will this stop?

However, I only hope that the penalty that I will so regretfully paid, contributes towards building of better roads and not towards obtaining more of those shameful cameras.

May the force be with you and you and you sitting out there.


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